Test Driven Development. How to make efficient tests?

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a type or practice of development that consists of first writing the test and then the source code, which must successfully pass that test...Read more

Workflows / Strategies for working with Git

Each development project, as well as collaborators team, is different. The needs for deliveries and reviews are different. But there is something that is required in any case: the need to keep everything organized...Read more

Virtusway will take part in Logistics & Automation Madrid

After almost 2 years without face-to-face events, Logistics & Automation Madrid will organize this November a new edition of the largest logistics fair in Spain and Virtusway will be present there. ...Read more

Discover how Azure Kinect can optimize the packaging process for shipments

We will tell you how we radically improve the work in the packaging line of a warehouse, through a software development that uses the functionalities of Azure Kinect. ...Read more

Command Center: a well-organized applications universe

We developed Command Center (CC) to monitor applications and service statuses. It is a software able of recording and making easy to find events while showing them in a friendly and clear graphical interface. ...Read more

What is WIP and why is it crucial in software projects?

To ensure early delivery of value to the client and proper flow of work in software development, controlling WIP is critical. ...Read more

PgTools: Save your time and prevent mistakes when programming in F#

Get to know this tool. It allows you to create F# code from a Postgres database, while generating upgrade scripts for a simple changes source control. Download it here quickly and for free. ...Read more

Why F# is the best enterprise language

Just to be clear, I’m only going to be talking about so-called “enterprise development”. I’m not claiming that F# is the best for systems programming, or games development, or hobby projects. ...Read more

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the way to transform the data provided by technology into relevant information that allows us to improve our business. The digitization of businesses allows us to put data into context and share it with the whole organization ...Read more

Technological maturity in logistics processes

It is common these days to hear the words logistics and technology in the same sentence. The second is intervening so much in the business that there are almost no companies that can avoid it, but there are still some ...Read more

The main goals of logistics planning

The inadequate planning and organization of the warehouse results in multiple problems. It is common for companies to grow and start using free spaces without taking enough time to planning first ...Read more

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