Digital transformation

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the way to transform the data provided by technology into relevant information that allows us to improve our business.

The digitization of businesses allows us to put data into context and share it with the whole organization.

Why does digital transformation fail?

Many companies interpret the digitalization process as a simple update of their technologies.

Without a previous cultural transformation, the digital transformation is unviable.

In other words, the focus of the digital transformation must be on people, not the technology itself.

The most common mistakes
Start without a clear objective

One of the most common mistakes a company makes as it moves toward digital business transformation is not having a clearly defined goal. The first step is to be clear about your main objectives and know the purpose of the digital transformation of your company.

Ignoring the Digital Transformation Opportunity

Many companies simply copy their traditional approach to the digital world. They create a digital equivalent to their traditional processes. The digital transformation of a company requires them to change the way they see their interactions with customers and the way they deliver value to them. It's much more than digitizing your documents. The old development practices of the past can no longer be applied. To implement a successful digital transformation you must offer new solutions and reconsider your development practices. Digital business transformation requires a complete rethinking of how the organization relates to its customers and how it delivers value to them. To take advantage of the productivity improvements offered by technology, you must be willing to change the way your business works.

Making change too fast

Digital transformation requires a certain sense of urgency; however, all changes must be made slowly and carefully. There is certainly a sense of urgency, but it is imperative that you plan and organize the required changes carefully to avoid mistakes that could harm your organization.

Disregard the participation of customers, suppliers and third parties

When you digitize, you must consider the people you deal with on a daily basis. If you do not wish to receive paper invoices, printed receipts and other materials in analogue format, you will have to involve stakeholders in your digitalization efforts.

Don't adopt the data solution

Digital transformation produces only a fraction of its true value when it is not compatible with a data collection solution. In addition to providing mobile forms that can be used in the field, the right mobile forms solution must naturally integrate with your company's digital workflow.

Do Not Include Employees

Digitization changes the core of the work that employees do. It is very important that anyone affected by the changes understands the importance of this transformation. In many cases, employees must be trained and kept up to date on the implementation of new technologies. This will make them feel empowered by the changes after the transformation. They must understand that digital transformation is paramount to the survival of the organization and that they must be part of that transformation.

The digital transformation of businesses is not just about building an application or website; it requires companies to change the way they see their interactions with customers and how they will deliver value to them in the future.

What is digital culture like?

Digital culture is one that takes full advantage of digitization to discover and exploit new opportunities for business growth, applying it to all areas. By using technology to improve performance, new ways of communicating and storing information are created. In addition, these new digital formulas make it possible to better measure everything that happens in the business, from equipment productivity to user satisfaction.


Digitization has become an obligatory process to be followed by any business that wants to survive in this digital world. But for this process to be fulfilled, it is essential to have a digital culture.

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