The main goals of logistics planning

  • Space optimization

    The inadequate planning and organization of the warehouse results in multiple problems. It is common for companies to grow and start using free spaces without taking enough time to planning first. Special sized items are incorporated, with specific storage requirements, and the need for warehouse mapping becomes increasingly apparent.

  • Easy access to stored products

    Speed up picking, meet order preparation times, these variables depend on precise knowledge of the SKUs' location. Tools such as voice picking or pick to light can optimize those processes, but it must be clear that previously, it is necessary to identify the location of each item and record it correctly in the database.

  • Minimum possible stock (Just in time)

    Implementing systems that help predict our stock movements will prevent us from confronting serious logistical problems: own or customer shortages, lack of personnel, excessive workload, etc.

    Having a warehouse management system will allow minimizing costs in storage area without losing supply capacity. Similarly, changes in demand can be easily followed by the logistics operator, providing an agile response to the final customer.

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