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Software development for Visible, one of the largest shipping companies in the United States.

Our analysis about the processes of the company and an implementation centered in transaction time, allows Visible to manage millions of packages daily, process hundreds of orders in a split second or get in an instant, the best price option for a shipment.

System of Analysis: applicative software that allows based on a dataset to infer the active and actual prices that are paid for the shipment of packages. It allows you to carry out a comparison among services of different supply chain companies providing the optimization of the price charts.

The API of Packages: it is a platform of shipment procedures capable of communicating with multiple supply chain companies. Technologically it has been a challenge to meet the requirements to process thousands of transactions in a minute.

Labeler: this applicative allows the printing of labels. It assures an ordered printing line, lot processing and individual shipments.

Price Management: it is an applicative that allows you to assess, analyze and update price charts for the shipment of packages.






  • LandMark
  • Purolator
  • LSO
  • LaserShip
  • GlobalAccess
  • OnTrac
  • Newgistics
Software as a Service (SaaS) to insurance management

This service (SaaS) provides simplicity for insurance management. It allows to manage multiple insurance companies, covering all operations.

From a technical point of view, Klarity App has been built merging two powerful technologies:

  • F# for Backend. This provides simplicity in coding and a very high level of reliability in data management.
  • Blazor WebAssembly in Frontend. This technology, recently launched by Microsoft, brings a universal adoption capability to the solution while giving a modern and extremely fast user experience.

In addition, TDD (Type and Test Driven Development) was applied which minimizes the amount of bugs, obtaining a high quality software product from the first delivery.

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Microsoft Blazor


Test Driven Dev.

Type Driven Dev.

Tailored Software for BK-Foods, international trade broker

This web application optimizes the workflow by assisting in the different operational stages and providing consolidated management information.

Before the development, a survey, analysis and reengineering of processes was carried out. Substantial knowledge of the problem and the correct definition of requirements allowed us to build a consistent solution of great value for the client.


Early Assessment

Process Engineering

Improvement Proposals

Architecture and Design


Quality Assurance


Implementation of Microsoft Kinect technology in production line

Software that uses algorithms and artificial intelligence sensors applied to image recognition in real time.

Our solution, connected to the Azure platform, is integrated into production lines to identify objects by their dimensions and make requests, such as a label print or a complete line stop, based on the type of object recognized.

Pooling. Tailored development for palets management

The achieved development stability allowed our client to center on its business, acknowledging the support of the computing platform.

We develop the Base applicative for the management of the shared use of pallets from the initiation of the activity.

The applicative provides the management of Stock and the control of pallet traffic, which improving the communication among manufactures, users, supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as with logistics operators. In addition to carrying out records of the status of the repaired, washed and disinfected pallets.

Stable Development
More than 8 years in the market.

Minimize transportation costs

Control the recovery of units

Optimize the supply level

Complete management software for financial companies (SaaS model)

The use of Azure technologies in the development of this platform allowed us to offer a versatile, scalable and high performance software, which guarantees the control over the core of the financial business.

By means of a design based on the Windows 10 UX, the application allows you to manage all the operations that the company requires for its operation, integrating with governmental agencies and control organisms.

Development teams for Axa Assistance

The multitenancy support implementation allowed us to link geographically scattered branches and integrate them with suppliers of different regions.

  • The Datawarehouse development for analysis and decision making integrating and debugging information of different data origins.
  • The unification of issuance of receipts of services by means of the fulfillment of a module of invoicing.
  • The integrations with the management system like Liberty and sales service systems like SABRE.
  • The connection to gateways of payments like Adyen, Worldpay, MIT, Visa, Braspag and Decidir.
  • Maintenance tasks of its CRM used for the traveler’s assistance tracking and management.

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