ERP Sage 200cloud

+6,1 Million

350 Thousand

+9,5 Score


We have more than 10 years of trajectory leading management solutions to companies of diverse sectors.

Our teams, made up of specialists from different disciplines, will provide professional support, tailored to the needs of your business.

Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting
  • Treasury
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Invoices and payments
  • Analytics
  • Fixed assets
  • Budgets
  • Taxes

Project management and after-sales

  • Budgets
  • Task planning
  • Cost assignment
  • Materials assignment, hours and other expenses such as travel expenses and transfers
  • Web App for mobile management associated with work parties and imputations

Sales and purchases management

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Contract management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Electronic bill
  • EDI / XML
  • Records Control


  • Factory Control
  • MRP & MRP II
  • Planning
  • External Operations


  • Customer Management
  • Information Centers
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing campaings


  • Salary
  • Employee management
  • Analytics

Sage 200cloud integrates with .

You can access online productivity applications and detailed financial information from any device and place.

Sage 200cloud platform

  • UX / UI
  • Document management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Live Update
  • Integrated Security
  • Safety Pack
  • Custom Developments

Connected services

  • Employee portal
  • Fintech and Banking Cloud
  • Sage Online catalog
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Sage 200cloud eCommerce

Sage 200cloud is the answer you are looking for

Will it adapt to my business?
Sage 200cloud's modular architecture and innovative work ecosystem, which allows you to hire third-party solutions approved by Sage, make it perfectly adaptable to the most varied types of business.
How can I grow or increase functionalities?
By adding modules or specific third-party solutions. The advances in Sage 200cloud connectivity have made it possible to create a new work ecosystem that integrates third-party solutions approved by Sage. This allows you to connect and integrate highly specialized and specific solutions.
How do I learn to use it?
Much easier than you think. Its modern design and special usability make it easy to adapt and use. With Sage 200cloud you will always find the data, process or information in a accurate way without getting lost in the application.
Will it be integrated with my business applications?
Sage 200cloud has full connectivity and integration capabilities. Our experts assess your connection and integration needs with Sage 200cloud. Also remember that you can integrate Sage 200cloud with Ms Office 365.
What management areas does Sage 200cloud cover?
All of them... and many more. In addition to the traditional ERP modules and a series of advanced management modules, Sage 200cloud gives you access to highly productive functionalities with collaboration tools via API: automatic connection, download and integration of bank notes, Ecommerce, Sage 200cloud Laboral, and more.
How much will it cost?
You can choose. Its modular system with pay-per-subscription makes it easy to control spending at all times, as you only pay for what you're using. This facilitates scalability, even in companies with a large component of seasonality. In addition, you can tailor Sage 200cloud to your business with simple configuration or customization processes.
How often do I have to update it?
The update is automatic. With Sage 200cloud you will always work in accordance with current legal regulations and with the latest technological updates that we develop, because it is updated automatically, with sufficient notice and anticipation so that you can continue serving your business and customers with complete confidence. With Sage 200cloud, the management of your maintenance is controlled by you, at your own pace and needs.

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