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Transportation Logistics

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About the company

The A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group is an international business conglomerate with activities in several areas, mainly in the transport and energy sectors. The company, known internationally as Maersk, is famous for its large shipping business, although they are expanding into other areas such as global e-commerce.

Main challenges

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    Small Changes-Big impact

    The primary challenge when collaborating with large corporations like Maersk is staying informed and meticulously evaluating the impact of each action. Every line of code and every UI element must align with the organization's objectives.

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    Continuous Training

    The production processes and ongoing training are demanding, requiring constant focus and attention.

Provided services

We provide this large company with our outsourcing services, complementing different teams in the areas of:

  • Virtusway isotipo Fulfillment
  • Virtusway isotipo E-Commerce Logistics
  • Virtusway isotipo Parcel
  • Virtusway isotipo E-Delivery
  • Virtusway isotipo Freight Cargo
  • Virtusway isotipo and others

We provide profiles such as:

  • Virtusway isotipo Developers
  • Virtusway isotipo Software Architects
  • Virtusway isotipo UX/UI Specialists
  • Virtusway isotipo Project Managers
  • Virtusway isotipo DBAs
  • Virtusway isotipo Infrastructure Specialists

Results Achieved

Some of the notable projects we have been involved in include:

  • Maersk Go

  • Europe Parcel Control Tower

  • TEMU CX Portal

  • Amazon ECO Delivery

  • E-Commerce Logistics Portal

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