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Educational apps development for sustainability campaigns.

“Thanks to Virtusway we not only reached our goals, but also exceeded them. We are now prepared to grow and generate optimal solutions for our clients.

I would like to emphasize their commitment in each project. Everything was so smooth: the relationship and their ability to walk in our shoes, being able to define what matters the most.”

Suso Chulvi

CEO - Esferic


Valencia, Spain


Sustainability Campaigns

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Progresive Web App Blazor C# Tailwind CSS Software Development

About the company

Marketing and sustainability agency that creates awareness and environmental education campaigns for companies and local town councils in Spain and other countries. Its main objective is to capture the attention of the target audience in different ways, generating interaction and interest in their contents.

Main challenges

  • 1


    Esferic needed a lightweight application that could be consumed immediately through a link, without the need for installation.

  • 2

    Cost optimization

    In addition, it had to be easily replicable to reduce development costs in new versions.

Provided solution

A Progressive Web App was developed based on an easily replicable architecture. This enabled Esferic to create a scalable business model covering multiple requirements with minimal development investment.

Achieved results

  • Multi-Language

  • Educational Games

  • +30

    Deployed instances 

  • +25


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