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The solution provided by Virtusway has brought about a profound transformation across all sectors of the organization. The changes have been well received not only by our clients but also by our suppliers.

Following the transition, we experienced a highly successful season, efficiently and elegantly managing the demand during peak periods, with a large volume of activities and individuals involved (more than 2500 activities per week).

The understanding of business processes and the constant support from the team, always maintaining a positive attitude and focusing on the objectives, has been instrumental in this success.

Carolyn Gallagher

PM Lead & Implementation in Argentina Rafting


Mendoza, Argentina



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Digital Transformation Custom Software

Technologies & Platforms

API PWA F# C# Blazor Tailwind CSS Signal-R SQL Server

About the company

Argentina Rafting is an esteemed organization that specializes in providing services related to adventure tourism. The primary service offered by the organization is rafting, and it boasts a rich history of 30 years in this sector.

Main challenges

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    Enhanced visibility and control over the business operations

    The different departments within the organization operated in silos, which posed difficulties in generating consistent reports to evaluate the performance of each sector.

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    Be adequately prepared for substantial peaks in demand

    Ensuring the delivery of services that align with the organization's reputation for quality was not a trivial task. The effective coordination of all stakeholders was of paramount importance.

Solution proposed

A web application that facilitates operational and administrative management from a single point. It integrates Transfers, Activities, Employees, Agencies, Current Accounts. It facilitates the management and visualization of information for internal operators, customers, and suppliers.

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Interactive management reports developed in Power BI and embedded in the management app.

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Integration with reservation manager API. It allows to automatically synchronize all reservation data with the new application, ensuring that databases are always up-to-date.

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A web portal that allows passengers to consult and complete their data to start activities at the base.

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Results Achieved

  • 100%

    Traceability of operations

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    Enhanced control over operations

  • 80%

    Reduction in errors

  • 70%

    Optimization of time

  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction

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