Put AI to work on your company's data, get vision and control over your business.

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By hiring our service, you will have access to a new way of approaching your business, you will make decisions based on real data and you will be ready to face market changes.

What do we do?

Icono de Análisis BI

Stakeholder interview and study of the organization and its objectives. Scope and deadlines definition. Work plan drawing up.

Icono de Indicadores BI
Indicators definition

Definition and weighting of variables to be visualized. Setting up of the relationships between them.

Icono de KPI BI
Definition of KPIs

From the previous metrics, KPIs are developed and linked to obtain a quick overview of specific situations.

Icono de Extracción de datos BI
Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)

Data processing that includes, cleaning, aggregation, normalization, derivation, filtering, sorting and classification.

Icono de Data Warehousing BI
Data Warehousing

Intermediate data warehousing that enables operating independently of data origin.

Icono de Staging de datos BI
Data modeling

In this stage, data is prepared for visualization, providing fast and secure access, especially for high-availability systems.

Icono de Visualización BI
Visualization, Design and UX

Storytelling plays an important role in the user experience. This concept will be present all through the process, mainly in the solution design. It is important to know what the data is telling us.

Icono de Integración BI

Stage in which the developed solution is published. Reports can be i-framed in an app, accessible via web or visible in desktop editor, among other options.

Icono de Implementación BI

To make the product available for the whole organization requires coordinating actions, synchronizing databases and ensuring the necessary IT resources at the right time.

Icono de Soporte BI
Training, support and maintenance

Each business and its collaborators require different levels of training and support, this also determines the success of the project and the subsequent ROI.

How can you use it?

  • Obtaining market information
  • Analyze trends
  • Study the competition
Data-driven marketing
  • Improve shopping experience
  • Predict consumption
  • Define better pricing strategies and promotions
Operational Efficiency
  • Response times
  • Cycle time in service delivery
  • SLA
  • Process optimization
Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavior forecasting
  • Report automation
  • Natural Language Query
  • Virtual assistants’ deployment

Success cases

  • Dashboard for monitoring logistics operations.
  • Profile-based access for internal and external users.
  • SQL Server data source, visualization coded with ChartJS libraries.
Dashboard fácilhub BI - Virtusway
  • Backend services monitoring system.
  • Activity log optimization.
  • Issue traceability reports.
  • Custom visualization developed in HTML/ASP.NET/Blazor.
Dashboard Command Center BI - Virtuway
  • Reports and Dashboards Development and Implementation in Power BI.
  • Operational, commercial and administrative departments.
  • Data injection via API, SQL and Google Drive.
  • Custom i-framed solution in Progressive Web App.
Dahsboard ARE BI - Virtusway
  • Reports and Dashboard in Power BI for project tracking.
  • Access for internal and external users via web.
  • Key metrics for understanding effort and costs in technology projects.
Dashboard Software Pojects BI - Virtusway

Tech stack

  • Power Automate

  • Power Apps

  • Power BI

  • Power Virtual Agents

  • Power Pages

  • Power Fx

  • DataVerse

  • AI Builder

  • SQL Data Warehouses

  • Azure SQL

  • Azure SQL VM

  • Data Factories

  • SQL Database

  • SQL Server

Drive your business based on data

Ensure the right information is available for each team to get the best value out of the data.